Reframing Fear: Jonathan Fields on how to picture risk, failure, and judgment
posted by April Greene on November 1, 2013

Stuck? Feeling hopeless? Unsure of your next step? For the almost two decades Idealist has been around, we’ve been asking you—our community—to tell us about the obstacles you face when trying to turn your good intentions into action. shares this interview with Jonathan Fields, who helps people be “more agile, creative and innovative and embrace action in the face of uncertainty with a greater sense of ease.”

verb: reframe; 3rd person present: reframes; past tense: reframed; past participle: reframed; gerund or present participle: reframing; verb: re-frame; 3rd person present: re-frames; past tense: re-framed; past participle: re-framed; gerund or present participle: re-framing

place (a picture or photograph) in a new frame.
frame or express (words or a concept or plan) differently.


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